Sze Chuan House is located along scenic Roxas Boulevard, facing the world-famous sunset on Manila Bay's natural harbor. It was founded in 1977 by the late businessman, Manuel O. Chua, who was one of the pillars of the Chinese community in the Philippines.

Most of the overseas Chinese who migrated to the country in the early years came from Southern Fujian (Jinjiang, Quanzhou and other places). Before the 1960's, there were basically no decent Chinese restaurants in the metropolis, only a few small eateries offering Southern Fujian dishes.

In the 1970's, because of the success of many Chinese enterprises, a number of big restaurants began to mushroom in Manila, but they served mostly Cantonese food.

At the time, Mr. Chua often traveled to Taiwan and he saw that Sichuan dishes were very popular in the island state. Because of his forward thinking, he immediately introduced Sichuan cuisine in the Philippines and opened Sze Chuan House which became the signature restaurant of Aloha Hotel.

More than 40 years since its founding, the pioneering restaurant continues to adhere to the principles of 'customer-first', excellent service, and authentic ingredients prepared by genuine Chinese chefs -- remaining true to the bold flavors and spicy richness of the famed Sichuan cuisine.